Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We are not alone

Sorry ahead of time if this does not make sense...but here are some thoughts for today...I have realized more and more through this blog and other happenings in the last couple of days that we really are not alone in this. I guess my mind is starting to clear off a little and I am starting to see real life for what it is. It sucks, but there are single moms my age out there. Mostly due to divorce, but nontheless they have gone through a major life change and loss too. My heart goes out to all of you that have gone through this. I am taking the focus off me and seeing what is around more. There is so much suffering and there are so many fighters out there. If we take time to learn a little from certain people we encounter, we would be a different society. So what I am trying to say, is thank you for your posts as you read this blog. I know we are not alone and it is awesome to see FAITH, HOPE and LOVE working in other peoples lives.


Cristina said...

I had been struggling with my own grief and "suffering" when God gave me a glimpse into three different people's lives. They all had different struggles but all were hurting. It made me realize that I am not alone in suffering and that there are people worse off than I (and some are better off). But the point is I should not compare. Pain is Pain is Pain. Although our circumstances are different, we can encourage and spur one another on.

Anonymous said...

Simply amazing. I believe.