Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the choice of the chosen...

We all know and understand that I am not a poet.  However, at random times I feel compelled to write and sometimes it comes out in weird poetic form.  This is one such occasion.  :)

The Chosen

How does God choose
The one who will suffer over time?
How does He pick
The one to experience immediate
And permanent loss?
What goes on in the heavens
Before these tragic events occur?
Do they grieve before us,
Before our lives are rocked?
Do they grieve with us
As our worlds are torn apart?
Or do they see a completely different picture,
One where our miseries highlight life’s beauties?
Does He choose the weak,
The strong,
The bold,
Or the frail?
Who makes the cut…
And how do I avoid it in the future?

The Choice

Looking back
On my many months of pain
I find myself questioning whether or not
I would do it all again.
I was put in the middle
Of impossible situations.
I was living a life
And making the most of it
While doctors reminded me
That I should have no hope.
I have nothing.
There is no progress
And things will only get worse.

It is here where I realize that
The Chosen have a Choice.

Who do you believe?

Do you side with them
Or with Him.

Both are experts in their field
With one major difference:
He created their field
and they’re still studying it.

If you look at your tough situation,
I mean really look at it,
Examine it and acknowledge
The Lord’s Hand.
Without being chosen,
Would these encounters have happened?
I don’t know.
Probably not.
Would you remove yourself from your equation
To simply have easier days?
Or would you intentionally keep yourself planted,
Planted smack dab in the middle of your turmoil,
Because you know, without a doubt,
That you are about to experience something,
Something great.
Something that most people never come close to experiencing
No matter how long they live.
Something  you would never trade anything for
Because you know the value of what’s coming.
You understand the importance of this gift
This treasure you’ll receive by following the Lord’s plan. 
Divine intervention.
The Hand of the Lord guiding YOU personally through your challenge.

You see, the chosen have a choice,
And for some it might not be easy,
But for those of us that have walked this path,
It’s worth it.
Being able to experience
True grace
Directly from the One who gives it
Cannot be described. 
It can only be missed
If the chosen
Make the wrong choice.


Mariana said...

Thank you so much my friend! You have helped me out of my bad funk. It is ok to hit a low spot - but I was starting to settle in it and was getting scared. I was focusing on the bad and the woes as well as the what ifs and the inevitable. You remind me what my focus should always be and that what I am going through has blessings - hidden as they may seem. We will continue to rise.

I flushed the bad spot away and the dark cloud is no longer welcome :)

Cristina said...

Profound thoughts that can only come from the brokenness. I love your reference to "divine intervention." I am studying Jonah and that is how we are referring to life's "interruptions." It is all about perspective. Thanks for sharing this food for thought. Such an encouragement.